I’m Melina, 27 years old. I took my first tattoo in Turkey when I was 17 so it has faded a bit already. We were having a vacation with my friend and we decided to take friendship tattoos. We went to a first shop we found and the tattoo artist drew this design for us, … Continue reading Melina


Getting the first tattoo is a nice memory that I won’t forget. I got my first tattoo when I was 15 years old, and I paid it with the money I had earned from a summer job. It was a lizard, which was a very common tattoo theme in those days. Although it was a … Continue reading Jenni


My name is Hemmo, and I’m currently 40 years old. I got my first tattoo when I was 18. My psychobilly friend had a tattoo machine made from an old electric shaver. The machine was noisy and heated up so much that in every 15 minutes he had to pause tattooing to prevent his hands … Continue reading Hemmo


I get new tattoos quite spontaneously. Usually when I come up with an idea, I either tattoo it myself within the same week or book an appointment to another tattooist. Most of my tattoos are self-made. The whole idea to my seal pup tattoos was actually a joke at first (Kuutti in English = a … Continue reading Kuutti


I became interested in tattoos when I was still very young. I must’ve been 12 years old when I was browsing through a magazine called Suosikki and saw an article about the Finnish singer Ville Valo. I looked at his photos and thought “oh, his tattoos are so cool – I wish I had tattoos, … Continue reading Eve


My story is not exactly a happy one. At four years old, I was put in an institution. I didn’t have any contact with my father or mother, so I had a nanny who looked after me. I was a kid who did a lot of trickery. I ran away a lot and since my … Continue reading João


I got my first tattoo 18 years ago. Sometimes I find it funny that I have all the tattoo themes people wanted to have at the beginning of the ‘00s: tribal tattoos, Chinese characters and a dragon on my lower back. But during those days, it was a thing itself to even have tattoos – … Continue reading Riikka


I used to live in London, so I’ve got most of my tattoos there. I got my insteps tattooed first. They were tattooed ten years ago, when I was 20 years old. The other tattoo is a turquoise butterfly, the other a pink butterfly. I didn’t plan my first tattoos almost at all – my … Continue reading Tea

Julle (Suomeksi/In Finnish)

Ihollani on tällä hetkellä varmaan nelisenkymmentä tatuointia. Ensimmäiset viisi tatuointia on otettu vuosien 2007 ja 2011 välisenä aikana. Sen jälkeen pidin muutaman vuoden tauon, ja kaikki loput kuvat on tatuoitu viimeisen puolentoista vuoden aikana. Tänä aikana uusia tatuointeja on tullut otettua keskimäärin joka toinen viikko, joskus useamminkin. Paras saavutus taisi olla kuusi tai seitsemän kuvaa … Continue reading Julle (Suomeksi/In Finnish)