My name is Ilona and I live in Helsinki. Originally, I came across with Humans with Tattoos blog via a friend of mine. I started going to therapy a while ago, and that way I have recently dealt with things that have happened in my life, learned to recognize the ghosts from my past and … Continue reading Ilona


Getting the first tattoo is a nice memory that I won’t forget. I got my first tattoo when I was 15 years old, and I paid it with the money I had earned from a summer job. It was a lizard, which was a very common tattoo theme in those days. Although it was a … Continue reading Jenni


My name is Hemmo, and I’m currently 40 years old. I got my first tattoo when I was 18. My psychobilly friend had a tattoo machine made from an old electric shaver. The machine was noisy and heated up so much that in every 15 minutes he had to pause tattooing to prevent his hands … Continue reading Hemmo


My first tattoo symbolizes the touch of Africa. It is a memory from my exchange period in Namibia in 2010. During the exchange I learned a great deal about myself and life in general. I didn’t even know much about Namibia when I applied for the exchange period, but still, something in the opportunity of … Continue reading Tytti

Hanna-Kaisa (Suomeksi/In Finnish)

Harkitsin ensimmäistä tatuointiani kolme vuotta etukäteen. Vaikka tatuointi on pieni, sen ottaminen oli minulle iso juttu, sillä perheessäni kenelläkään muulla ei ole tatuointeja, eivätkä ystävänikään olleet tatuoituja. Ensimmäinen tatuointini juontaa juurensa kouluaikaani. Peruskoulu oli minulle monin tavoin vaikeaa aikaa. Lapsena minulla oli koulussa yksi ystävä, joka muutti pois ollessani viidennellä luokalla, joten kuutosluokalle mentäessä minulla … Continue reading Hanna-Kaisa (Suomeksi/In Finnish)

Hanna S.

I got my first tattoo in December 2013. I got two tattoos at the same appointment. My half-sleeve was tattooed six months later. My latest tattoo (the other half-sleeve) was tattooed in December 2018. My first tattoos are combinations of Kalevala Jewelry with some twist of my own. The other tattoo is dedicated to my … Continue reading Hanna S.


I got my first tattoos at a young age: the first one when I was 13, the second one when I was 14 years old. My very first tattoo was a black widow spider on my shoulder blade. I got the tattoo together with my best friend after my dad gave me permission. The pain … Continue reading Noora