Joni ‘Tapaturma’

The name ”Tapaturma” (in English: injury/accident) goes back far in the past. I’ve been doing freak show for over 20 years, and somehow I’ve managed to damage my body quite a lot on my free time as well. During the years, I’ve broken my bones about twenty times, crushed my joints, dislocated my shoulder a … Continue reading Joni ‘Tapaturma’

Scarification by Lassi Sidoro (Graphic content)

Scarification is an ancient form of body art. Due to its nature, you can’t expect to have a very detailed design. In scarification, primitive and simple designs always work best – the same kind of patterns that you can find in wooden reliefs and carved stones. I do scarifications mostly by skin removal or cutting. … Continue reading Scarification by Lassi Sidoro (Graphic content)


The side tattoo was my first one. It's just the word HOPE with basic capital letters. I started thinking of getting it when I was maybe 17 or 18 years old. At first, I thought wrist would be the best spot for the tattoo, but then I decided it would be better to have it … Continue reading Tommi