I planned my first tattoo for three years. Even though the tattoo itself is small, it was a big thing for me to get tattooed in the first place since there weren’t any tattooed people in my family, and my friends didn’t have any tattoos either. The meaning of my first tattoo derives from my … Continue reading Hanna-Kaisa


When I was young, I waited for a long time that I would turn 18 and could get a tattoo. When I finally turned 18, of course I was prepared that they would ask to see my papers at the tattoo parlor. But when I went there, nobody asked for my papers. I remember how … Continue reading Kikke


I’ve always felt like an outsider. I was born in Porvoo, Southern Finland, but we moved to Lapland when I was 10 years old. Our new home was in a small village where everyone knew each other and people belonged to their own cliques. Suddenly I was in a situation where I talked different, my … Continue reading Meri


I’ve never been a big fan of tattoos, and when I was younger, I used to say I’d never have one myself. To be honest, I’m still not very fond of tattoos, and I think the skin is more beautiful without them. Nevertheless, I currently have 7+1 tattoos on my skin. In 2011, a friend … Continue reading Daniel


I was 18 years old when I got my first tattoo. I wanted to have something quite small, so I took this little image on my wrist. It’s from the solo album of a Japanese artist called Hyde. He’s also the vocalist of a Japanese rock band, L’Arc~en~Ciel. He said that this album, Roentgen, was […]

Kaisa (Suomeksi/In Finnish)

Aloin suunnitella ensimmäisen tatuoinnin ottamista ollessani vielä alaikäinen. Ajatus ensimmäiseen tatuointiini syntyi, kun makoilin sängyllä ja kuuntelin yhtä lempiyhtyeistäni, Simple Plania. Vaikka kuuntelemassani biisissä ei edes laulettu näitä sanoja, ne vain tulivat yhtäkkiä mieleeni ja päätin, että haluan tatuoida ne iholleni. Ensimmäisen tatuoinnin ottaminen oli jännittävää, mutta kesti onneksi hyvin vähän aikaa. Good enough toimii … Continue reading Kaisa (Suomeksi/In Finnish)


I started planning my first tattoo when I still was underage. I invented the idea of my first tattoo when I was lying on my bed and listening to one of my favorite bands, Simple Plan. Although these words don’t even appear in the lyrics of the song I was listening to, somehow they just … Continue reading Kaisa