Artist in spotlight: Nouvelle Rita

My name is Nouvelle Rita. Originally, I’m from Portugal, but currently I work in London. I started tattooing in 2013, and I think it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Before tattooing, I had just finished university. I was looking for a job or an internship, but in Portugal, it’s … Continue reading Artist in spotlight: Nouvelle Rita


I started planning my first tattoo when I still was underage. I invented the idea of my first tattoo when I was lying on my bed and listening to one of my favorite bands, Simple Plan. Although these words don’t even appear in the lyrics of the song I was listening to, somehow they just … Continue reading Kaisa


I used to be a punk kid when I was young, with a mohawk and all. I guess my first tattoos were some sort of rebellion, too. When I was young, my father always said to me I shouldn’t get any tattoos. He had made tattoos with his friends in his younger years while being … Continue reading Pete

Mervi & Pinja

Pinja: My first tattoo is the wooden Superman logo. The tattoo also includes a small branch with a leaf upside down that looks like a small heart. This tattoo reminds me of a certain phase of my life and a certain person as well. The next tattoo I got was the Nautilus shell. It is … Continue reading Mervi & Pinja


When I was younger, I used to draw tattoo designs for other people just for fun. Mostly they were tribal tattoos, which people brought with them to a tattoo shop then and tattooed on their skin. At some point, someone asked whether I should purchase my own tattooing equipment. As a result, I ended up … Continue reading Roope

Aleksandra (Suomeksi/In Finnish)

Olin 18-vuotias, kun ensimmäisen kerran koskin tatuointikoneeseen. Ensimmäiset kuvat olivat lähinnä sellaisia halvalla kiinakoneella tehtyjä söherryksiä, joita harjoittelin omiin jalkoihini, veljien iholle ja vähän vaikka mihin. Olen aina piirtänyt paljon, ja tatuoinnit ovat kiinnostaneet minua aina. Välillä saatoin harjoitella useamman kerran viikossa ja pitää vaikka puolen vuoden tauon, joten en laskisi sitä vielä varsinaiseksi uran … Continue reading Aleksandra (Suomeksi/In Finnish)


I was 18 years old when I got my hands on a tattoo machine for the first time. My first tattoos were mostly small, smeary pieces made with a cheap China-made tattooing machine, which I used to practice on myself, my brothers and so on. I’ve always loved drawing and been fascinated by tattoos. There were times … Continue reading Aleksandra


When I was six years old, my family rented a cottage in Northern Finland. People often tend to leave their stuff at rental cottages, and this time we found a little book that was full of old runes. Even though I couldn’t read, I fell in love with the pictures in the book. There were … Continue reading Julianna