I was 18 years old when I got my first tattoo. I wanted to have something quite small, so I took this little image on my wrist. It’s from the solo album of a Japanese artist called Hyde. He’s also the vocalist of a Japanese rock band, L’Arc~en~Ciel. He said that this album, Roentgen, was […]

Kaisa (Suomeksi/In Finnish)

Aloin suunnitella ensimmäisen tatuoinnin ottamista ollessani vielä alaikäinen. Ajatus ensimmäiseen tatuointiini syntyi, kun makoilin sängyllä ja kuuntelin yhtä lempiyhtyeistäni, Simple Plania. Vaikka kuuntelemassani biisissä ei edes laulettu näitä sanoja, ne vain tulivat yhtäkkiä mieleeni ja päätin, että haluan tatuoida ne iholleni. Ensimmäisen tatuoinnin ottaminen oli jännittävää, mutta kesti onneksi hyvin vähän aikaa. Good enough toimii … Continue reading Kaisa (Suomeksi/In Finnish)


On my shin I have a memory tattoo for my dog with a human skull below and a rose between them. My intention is to add a cross on somewhere around the tattoo in the year 2017. My dog died unexpectedly at home on January 9, 2017, likely to a heart attack. At that point, … Continue reading Santtu


One Journey, One Destiny on my neck, this is a picture dedicated to a woman whom I got to know around six or five years ago. I thought she was heterosexual, she was engaged to a man. It turned out that we were both interested in each other, so one day I decided to visit her. … Continue reading Mimma


I have an infinity-themed friend tattoo with my best friends named Kassu and Lappu. We think friendship is eternal and hopefully, and I believe so, we will remain as friends forever. The idea of getting tattoos together is based on the time before when loved ones took tattoos so they could find each other again … Continue reading Samuel