I’m Melina, 27 years old. I took my first tattoo in Turkey when I was 17 so it has faded a bit already. We were having a vacation with my friend and we decided to take friendship tattoos. We went to a first shop we found and the tattoo artist drew this design for us, … Continue reading Melina


I planned my first tattoo for three years. Even though the tattoo itself is small, it was a big thing for me to get tattooed in the first place since there weren’t any tattooed people in my family, and my friends didn’t have any tattoos either. The meaning of my first tattoo derives from my … Continue reading Hanna-Kaisa


I became interested in tattoos when I was still very young. I must’ve been 12 years old when I was browsing through a magazine called Suosikki and saw an article about the Finnish singer Ville Valo. I looked at his photos and thought “oh, his tattoos are so cool – I wish I had tattoos, … Continue reading Eve


I got my first tattoo 18 years ago. Sometimes I find it funny that I have all the tattoo themes people wanted to have at the beginning of the ‘00s: tribal tattoos, Chinese characters and a dragon on my lower back. But during those days, it was a thing itself to even have tattoos – … Continue reading Riikka


I’m from Vietnam, and I moved to Finland three years ago. First I came to study logistics and supply-change management, but then I switched to study digital marketing. I currently live in Helsinki and work as a junior growth hacker. People always ask me why Finland – that must be the most common question I … Continue reading Tuan


I came up with the idea of my first tattoo when I was 16 years old. Back then I wanted to get the tattoo on my forearm, and it would’ve been much smaller and made with black ink only. Eventually, I decided to get the tattoo on my chest, and instead of getting a small … Continue reading Aaro


I’m currently 22 years old, and I have 23 tattoos at this point, so I’ve been getting tattoos at a good pace. I had my first tattoo couple of weeks before I turned 18. It’s a tattoo of Lake Inari, and the X marks my home. I knew since the beginning that I would get … Continue reading Anette

Aleksandra (Suomeksi/In Finnish)

Olin 18-vuotias, kun ensimmäisen kerran koskin tatuointikoneeseen. Ensimmäiset kuvat olivat lähinnä sellaisia halvalla kiinakoneella tehtyjä söherryksiä, joita harjoittelin omiin jalkoihini, veljien iholle ja vähän vaikka mihin. Olen aina piirtänyt paljon, ja tatuoinnit ovat kiinnostaneet minua aina. Välillä saatoin harjoitella useamman kerran viikossa ja pitää vaikka puolen vuoden tauon, joten en laskisi sitä vielä varsinaiseksi uran … Continue reading Aleksandra (Suomeksi/In Finnish)


I’ve been working as a special needs assistant in comprehensive school for over ten years now. When I first started my job in 2007, tattoos weren’t as common as they are nowadays. In the beginning, I used to wear long-sleeved shirts all year round, because I didn’t want my tattoos to cause any trouble at … Continue reading Jarkko