I came up with the idea of my first tattoo when I was 16 years old. Back then I wanted to get the tattoo on my forearm, and it would’ve been much smaller and made with black ink only. Eventually, I decided to get the tattoo on my chest, and instead of getting a small … Continue reading Aaro


I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old and still living in my hometown Hyvinkää. I noticed that there was a new tattoo artist in the neighbouring town, Riihimäki, and since I thought her artwork looked nice, I decided to book an appointment. I had a cool plan about a big lotus … Continue reading Riina


I’m currently 22 years old, and I have 23 tattoos at this point, so I’ve been getting tattoos at a good pace. I had my first tattoo couple of weeks before I turned 18. It’s a tattoo of Lake Inari, and the X marks my home. I knew since the beginning that I would get … Continue reading Anette

Elisabet (Suomeksi/In Finnish)

Kiinnostuin todella paljon vaihtoehtoisesta ulkonäöstä joskus teini-iän tienoilla. Tiettyyn ikään asti olin hyvin tavallinen, vaaleatukkainen tyttö, mutta sitten iski päälle vastarinta, ja halusin alkaa ilmaista itseäni paremmin ulkonäköni avulla. Kehonmuokkaus kiehtoi minua ajatuksena, mutta koska en kuitenkaan tahtonut itselleni kovin rajuja kehonmuokkauksia, aloin hankkia lävistyksiä. Tatuoinnit puolestaan tuntuivat luonnolliselta jatkumolta lävistyksille. Ensimmäisen tatuoinnin otin 18-vuotislahjaksi … Continue reading Elisabet (Suomeksi/In Finnish)


I really got interested in alternative looks during my teenage years. Up to a certain age, I was an ordinary girl with blonde hair, but then I started to feel I want to express myself with my appearance. I was fascinated by different kinds of body modifications but still wanted to keep my own looks … Continue reading Elisabet


When I was younger, I used to draw tattoo designs for other people just for fun. Mostly they were tribal tattoos, which people brought with them to a tattoo shop then and tattooed on their skin. At some point, someone asked whether I should purchase my own tattooing equipment. As a result, I ended up … Continue reading Roope


I was 18 years old when I got my hands on a tattoo machine for the first time. My first tattoos were mostly small, smeary pieces made with a cheap China-made tattooing machine, which I used to practice on myself, my brothers and so on. I’ve always loved drawing and been fascinated by tattoos. There were times … Continue reading Aleksandra


When I was six years old, my family rented a cottage in Northern Finland. People often tend to leave their stuff at rental cottages, and this time we found a little book that was full of old runes. Even though I couldn’t read, I fell in love with the pictures in the book. There were … Continue reading Julianna