I got interested in tattoos when I was still a kid. Whenever I saw tattooed people, I always thought they looked so cool. When I was 11 or 12 years old, I decided that one day I’d get tattoos, too. During those times, I also got more interested in rock, metal and that sort of … Continue reading Minna


I used to be a punk kid when I was young, with a mohawk and all. I guess my first tattoos were some sort of rebellion, too. When I was young, my father always said to me I shouldn’t get any tattoos. He had made tattoos with his friends in his younger years while being … Continue reading Pete


I’ve been working as a special needs assistant in comprehensive school for over ten years now. When I first started my job in 2007, tattoos weren’t as common as they are nowadays. In the beginning, I used to wear long-sleeved shirts all year round, because I didn’t want my tattoos to cause any trouble at … Continue reading Jarkko