I planned my first tattoo for three years. Even though the tattoo itself is small, it was a big thing for me to get tattooed in the first place since there weren’t any tattooed people in my family, and my friends didn’t have any tattoos either. The meaning of my first tattoo derives from my … Continue reading Hanna-Kaisa


The side tattoo was my first one. It's just the word HOPE with basic capital letters. I started thinking of getting it when I was maybe 17 or 18 years old. At first, I thought wrist would be the best spot for the tattoo, but then I decided it would be better to have it … Continue reading Tommi


One Journey, One Destiny on my neck, this is a picture dedicated to a woman whom I got to know around six or five years ago. I thought she was heterosexual, she was engaged to a man. It turned out that we were both interested in each other, so one day I decided to visit her. … Continue reading Mimma


I am Ella from Oulu. I study the first year as  a barber-hairdresser. I’m dreaming of having my own hair salon and a detached house. I have five tattoos. The first tattoo I took when I turned 18, the Remember who you are – text. This tattoo is really personal for me. It’s for my father … Continue reading Ella