I guess I became interested in tattoos partly because of music. I listen to rockabilly, psychobilly, punk and that sort of genres where the tattoos are a big part of the whole picture. Tattooed people have always looked good in my eyes. When I got my first tattoo, I was 20 or 21 years old, … Continue reading Kaisu

Aaro (Suomeksi/In Finnish)

Idea ensimmäiseen tatuointiini kehittyi jo 16-vuotiaana. Silloin tosin ajattelin, että tatuointi olisi tullut käsivarteni ulkosyrjään, ja se olisi ollut paljon pienempi ja pelkästään mustalla tehty. Lopulta päätinkin ottaa tatuoinnin rintakehääni, ja pienen ja mustan kuvan sijaan siitä tulikin suuri ja värikäs, akvarellimainen teos. Itse kuvio on kuitenkin edelleen täysin alkuperäisen suunnitelmani mukainen. Vaikka idea olikin … Continue reading Aaro (Suomeksi/In Finnish)


I came up with the idea of my first tattoo when I was 16 years old. Back then I wanted to get the tattoo on my forearm, and it would’ve been much smaller and made with black ink only. Eventually, I decided to get the tattoo on my chest, and instead of getting a small … Continue reading Aaro


I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old and still living in my hometown Hyvinkää. I noticed that there was a new tattoo artist in the neighbouring town, Riihimäki, and since I thought her artwork looked nice, I decided to book an appointment. I had a cool plan about a big lotus … Continue reading Riina


I got my first tattoos at a young age: the first one when I was 13, the second one when I was 14 years old. My very first tattoo was a black widow spider on my shoulder blade. I got the tattoo together with my best friend after my dad gave me permission. The pain … Continue reading Noora


My first tattoo is the hawk on my left shoulder. Before I got the tattoo, I spent lots of time thinking about its message. Finally, I ended up on a hawk theme. I got this tattoo about six years ago. The hawk is related to my past. I got bullied at school, and during middle … Continue reading Henri


I’m currently 22 years old, and I have 23 tattoos at this point, so I’ve been getting tattoos at a good pace. I had my first tattoo couple of weeks before I turned 18. It’s a tattoo of Lake Inari, and the X marks my home. I knew since the beginning that I would get … Continue reading Anette