This blog is dedicated to the people with ink on their skin. Our main purpose is to give ordinary people a chance to share their stories behind the tattoos. Whether it is spontaneous skin art, a single faded letter on your arm, or a large memorial portrait of a loved one, we believe that tattoos always mean something to the person carrying them.

During the recent years, tattoos have become something that can be seen in media, commercials, and popular culture. Still, there are lots of places and areas in life where inked people can face social stigma and prejudice based on their looks. We like to think that by revealing the stories behind the tattoos we can help to change those attitudes.

For us, tattoos are a form of art. That’s why we also want to introduce different kind of tattoo styles and pay respect to the professional tattoo artists around the world by letting them tell about their individual style in their own words.

Everybody has a story. What is yours?

Ps. You can read our stories here (link).


AboutkuvaPinjaPinja (Creator/Photographer)

Doing master’s degree in visual journalism. Has been working as a DJ playing Finnish folk songs and 80’s hits, poured alcohol for London people and done lots of streetphotos in Lisbon, Amsterdam and Santo Domingo.

Favourite tattoo style: “Postmodern, alternative tattoos. I have work from Nouvelle Rita, Dynoz Art Attack, Marie Kraus etc. I’m more like a collector of different tattoo styles.”

AboutkuvaMerviMervi (Editor)

Slow thinker, fast writer. Has studied social sciences, linguistics, Asian studies, philosophy, as well as gardening. Currently writes her Master’s thesis on metaphors of joy and sorrow in Finnish language.

Favourite tattoo style: “I’m into old school stuff and Japanese art, so traditional Japanese tattooing fascinates me as well. However, on my own skin I generally prefer neo-traditional.