I’m Juno, 20 years old. I have about 11 tattoos of which the first one I took when I was 17. My latest tattoo I took three months ago, which is the longest period I’ve had without taking any tattoos since my first one. So yeah, I’ve been taking them in really frequent intervals. I’ve designed all tattoos myself except for the statue head on my thigh and a cover-up on my calf.

This is my first tattoo. I took it in my friends living room and it was kind of a trade. I did them free makeups (at the time I was a makeup artist) and they did me this and one other tattoo which is covered now. This one really doesn’t have a story, I just had a good idea.

Next one I think was this bird nest. I saw a pic of a regular bird nest tattoo on Pinterest and started thinking that what if the eggs in the nest were planets. I drew a couple versions and went to a tattoo shop. I’m very happy with how it came up, it’s one of my favourites. It’s done perfectly according to my sketch. I’ve been stressing to the artists how important it is to me that my own style shows in the tattoo. I don’t want there to be any surprises.

I’m not a violent person at all, I just happen to like blades. I had this butterfly knife I bought from Spain, it was cool. You can do all kinds of different tricks with those. I haven’t been doing that lately anymore but I still got this tattoo.

This is a foxglove. I started liking it because of one of my favourite artists Flume. There is a foxglove on one of his album covers and I just got inspired by that. This is not the same design as in the cover, it’s my own. Also I wanted to add the mourning cloak, I felt like it fit there nicely.

This one didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted it to, but I still like it. I got inspired by a model/designer who has these kinky clothes and accessories like this harness. I ordered one and was really on top of my sexual freedom then. It happened about two years ago when I broke up from what was my longest relationship. I wanted to take a memory of that inspiring time period.

I like so much of these sunflowers! Also I like this whole set here. This doesn’t have any more meaning than that sunflower is my favourite flower. I like the warm feeling I get when I see them.

This tattoo is a pic of my old childhood home. They’re selling it now. I spent my whole childhood and adolescence there and it’s a very important place to me. I wanted to get a memory of it and now it’ll always be with me, my home. I moved to Helsinki in 2015 because of my visual arts high school and I’ve lived here since. Still I feel like I’ll always be a little countryman in my heart. I enjoy much more being in the nature than in some big city centre. 

And I love cows. I think they’re so sympathetic, pure and innocent animals. But I haven’t had a chance to pet one yet, which is absolutely one of my life goals! Last spring we were visiting the Pyrenees with my mom, and on the way from Barcelona to the mountains we ended up in the middle of a beautiful cottage-style view: a lot of green fields and red cottages in evening mist. There were also lovely, furry cows. It was the first time I saw a cow that close, which is maybe a little weird cause I’ve been surrounded by animals my whole childhood. It’s a nice memory and kind of a symbol of our trip.

Under the cover-up on my calf there is a tattoo I took when I was 17. I feel like it was little awkward thinking it now, but also kinda funny. There was a motocross tire and a text ”Like a girl”. I’ve been doing motorcycle things for a while now, motocross for example. I had just started the hobby and was spending a lot of time on tracks. One of my driving friends was a boy of my age who always said that it was so easy for me because I’m a girl, I don’t have to even know how to drive or be good because everyone will just think it’s cool when a girl drives. I was just thinking: ”fuck you, I can drive and I will train to be so good I won’t only be good for a girl!”

Nowadays I don’t even identify myself as a girl so the tattoo wouldn’t be very accurate for that matter. For the last couple of years I’ve been looking for different ways to define myself and I’ve tried living in different roles in society. I’ve come up to the conclusion that I’m at my happiest if I don’t have to categorize myself and I can live as freely as possible without any useless suppositions. I do use a social male role, I’m a boyfriend and use he/him pronouns but it’s only in case I have to choose from the two. I’m more to the masculine side but not absolutely at either end of the segment. It’s easy in Finnish cause we only have one unisex word for the third-person pronoun. 

This tattoo that covered my old motocross tire was a spur-of-the-moment like some of my other tattoos. I had wanted to cover it up for a while when I saw a visiting artist’s work in the studios page. His style was just what I wanted, abstract and easy to cover with. He made me this design and the original tattoo got covered. It must have been the most painful tattoo I’ve got so far but I’m happy with it. 

The statue head on my thigh is drawn by my friend. I let them do it because they clearly had a better knowledge of human anatomy and more suitable style for this. The final tattoo isn’t exactly as the original design but I still like it, especially this juicy neck! I like men’s necks and wanted a kind of adonis character. There are also more person designs coming up!

Usually the ideas and concepts just pop into my head and I don’t bother to think where they came from or why. But for this one on my stomach I got an idea from the movie Spirited Away from a scene where the main character is turning invisible. The other character takes hold of their hand and the main character starts turning visible again. I think it’s a beautiful scene and there is some symbolic meaning I can’t quite explain. There is certain sensitivity in that and the tattoo.

The tattoo on stomach is the only one with any colour. This red might be the only colour I’ll ever take. It’s so strong and high-contrast, goes well with black. I like coloured tattoos on other people but I myself feel more connection to the black&grey ones. Also there is that I want everything to go well together. This red I now have is in the middle of my body so everything’s kind of in balance. I have my own clear vision of the aesthetic execution when it comes to my tattoos. 

Here I have some sketches of the upcoming tattoos. Also there is some original designs of the ones I already have and other stuff. I’d like to fill my arms next, they feel little naked sometimes. At least one arm I’d like to do entirely nature-themed as soon as I get the money for it.