One Journey, One Destiny on my neck, this is a picture dedicated to a woman whom I got to know around six or five years ago. I thought she was heterosexual, she was engaged to a man. It turned out that we were both interested in each other, so one day I decided to visit her. This one journey resembles that. I do not know where the fate part came from, but I just knew I wanted to tattoo it. We are still good friends and there is still some kind of spark between us but in the past nothing happened and we both know nothing will ever happen to us. There is something between us but nothing more.

One journey, One destiny

One journey, one destiny

I do not have any story for the moth -tattoo on my neck, it fits there really well, that’s all. It is one hell of a good-looking tattoo (laughter). M.R.S letters on my brow, I can tell you that it is devoted to one person.


Diamond on my face is really a reflection of me, I’m such a diamond (laughter). No, I just like diamonds very much and there will probably be even more diamonds on my skin in the future.

The roses on my hands. Rose has been my favourite flower ever since and roses fit everywhere. It just reflects my favourite flower.

Dolls do not have any special meaning but maybe I can attach them to the fact that I like horror movies. But I’m no longer watching horror movies because I want to keep a good spirit in my present house. (laughter).

M-finger tattoo, it’s kind of my own (former) engagement ring because I didn’t want to have a ring on my finger. I had already decided a long time beforehand to rather tattoo my finger than get a ring. And that’s what I did. I don’t want it ever to be destroyed or removed in any way since she was a part of my life for three years.

The M-tattoo and other finger tattoos

What I’ve always been interested in is the so-called pin up style. I wanted to link it with the liquor called Jaloviina (famous Finnish liquor), so she is sitting on the Jallu ball. Originally, I only wanted a tattoo with Jaloviina-star. Then we started to think a little bit further of the tattoo design and we decided to combine these two together; Jaloviina and pin-up style. So now I have a Jallu-girl tattooed on my leg.


Kaija Koo’s logo, two K’s combined

I’ve been a huge fan of the singer called Kaija Koo for as long as I can remember. Her songs always help me go forward. Kaija Koo’s song Jos sua ei ois ollut is a special song for me. It is related to Peto, my dog. I still want the chorus from that song to be tattooed on my back.

Peto, my life. I was living quite tough times in my life and when I took Peto as a puppy, I drank 24/7 and there were already some drugs involved. But then I decided that I should calm down. One day I was just scrolling down different pet websites where you could adopt or buy different pets. And then there was this one message, American Bulldog puppies for sale. I had never even heard of this breed, but I had already decided that if I got a dog, it would be a male and called Peto (English: The Beast). I just e-mailed the owner to see if there were any males free. The puppies were around two days old in the pictures and they all looked the same. But when Peto’s picture came to me, and he had a black eye, I decided that he was my dog. I was second in the waiting list for a male puppy and I just had to hope that the first taker would not choose Peto as she was looking for her own puppy before me. I was lucky.

The tattoo of Peto (The Beast)

And then I had to learn to take responsibility for someone other than me and in a way Peto was a rescuer for me. It was the time to give up on drinking and leave the drugs from my life. I had to take care of Peto. Yes, even then I drank once in a while, but I always had a terrible remorse that I could not go on like this because I have to take care of the dog. And then… I don’t know, Peto was always the whole life for me. He was so perfect for me. Then his legs started to go crazy, the first leg at the age of two and another leg at the age of four, so it was supposed to end.
The first thing what came to Peto’s legs was patellar luxation what means the knee got away from the place where it should be. Eventually, the knee went back to its place but it had begun to develop a bone spur there. And then, one day the dogs (Bea and Peto) were playing like always until there was a huge bang coming from Peto’s leg. Suddenly he was limping only with three legs working. We went to see a vet and he said the leg could be operated but it didn’t make any sense for that dog. Even with three legs he would have been hanging from the trees and there was no guarantee that he would heal properly. I was looking for advice from other breed owners who had their dog’s legs operated, but they told it took over a year for a leg to get fully healed. And Peto loved to run and hang in the trees.

And then I have also Bea’s picture tattooed on me because she is my only bitch (laughs). The only woman who has remained so far in my life. The one who listens and does not betray or leave me.


Peto taught her to be a fine woman. Bea was hanging there as a second dog, I did not even have any kind of affection the first year for Bea. I was thinking fuck, what a dog I had been taken. But after Peto was gone, Bea then became my own little muffin.

I also have a picture of Peto on my leg. The first tattoo of him also has a text Heart of gold and jaws of steel. It is a saying about American Bulldogs, which is quite accurate. Peto loved everything, even when he was a puppy he found a little bird in the backyard. He imagined he was playing with it, but accidentally laid down on the bird and it died there under him. And then he poked the bird with his snout wondering why the bird didn’t move or play with him anymore. We went together to bury the bird.

Whatever animals I have had together with Peto, ferrets and others, he never did anything bad to them. Ferrets were hanging on his back and they even bit his toes. But Peto only looked at me and probably thought there’s nothing to worry because mommy is right beside me. And then the jaws of steel saying comes from that if they ever go for somebody and catch a dog or a man, they will not pull off their jaws before the so-called catch is dead.

Peto came along with all the males, all the females, all the animals were ok. You could visit the dog parks, everything was easy. You could go anywhere and never have to worry he would attack somebody. He was an easy child to take care of.

Family tattoo refers more to my brothers as I always had really bad relations with my parents and the two sisters. Brothers have always been my rescuers, helping me in everything. After getting out of the family house, I have been developing a closer relationship with my parents too. They still get on to my nerves but I still love them. It is a bit annoying that, because of my parents, I had difficult times jumping between child caring institutions and family homes. I have always been blaming them, but alcoholism is a disease. They could have helped themselves but that’s not what they wanted. It is still a part of their lives, and the same thing is with my sister who went the same way as our parents.

The text on my arm is devoted to my good friend who killed himself. He was a part of my backup family. He had been living through hard times and it was … I still couldn’t imagine this could happen. Around this text tattoo, I will hopefully manage to tattoo a song from Pate Mustajärvi called Jukeboxin luona. Every time I’m drunk, I have to listen to it at least once. It’s a song we always listened when we were smashed together… but there are a lot of good memories. I do not know anyone who really has so good heart as he had.  And who happened to be such a big teddy bear. His death remained as a mystery, it just happened. No one could have ever guessed or anything.


Then there is this space -themed tattoo group. It is again associated with a song, Ressu Redford’s song Kuusi kuuta ja Saturnuksen renkaat. It is in some way a very personal song to me. I usually get tears in my eyes when I hear it so I wanted to tattoo it.

Well, these (three) stars on my arm are devoted to my friend Lurttu. In the past, we were looking at the starry sky and then there was this really common pattern with three stars on it. And for some reason, I don’t remember whether we decided it together or was it just me who looked up for what constellation that was, but we ended up to call it Pikkukarhu (In English: Ursa Minor). And that’s where it came from, our little story of Pikkukarhu. Whenever Lurttu was in a different city and whenever one of us saw that star pattern in the sky, we sent each other just two letters: P.K. Once we were in the local bar and some asshole dared to say that it’s not the Pikkukarhu. We were so devastated but decided it would always be our Pikkukarhu anyway. It has already become a bit of a joke as it is not the star pattern that we thought it was called. It is always visible in the sky, so it is the Pikkukarhu of Mimma and Lurttu.